1. How do I begin the consignment process?

To start the process, email photos to dfgoutlet@gmail.com or just to bring them in for review.  It is very helpful if you can tell us the manufacturer, age and price paid for your items.  Detailed information helps us to price your item fairly. We try to return all emails within 24/48 hours and we will let you know whether or not we would have a market for them.  If you have small household items or art work feel free to bring them in during our consignment hours.

2. What types of items do you carry?

Our inventory includes mostly high end furniture (from antique to modern contemporary), Oriental and Persian rugs, lamps, artwork, mirrors, crystal and glassware, china, decorative accessories and designer items.

4. Do you need an appointment to consign?

No, but we do advise you to call ahead and check to see how busy we are prior to dropping by.

5. Do you deliver?

Yes, we have a third party delivery and pick up services. Ranges on number of items and distance from the store, $95-$210. The price does range based on location, stairs, and items purchased. 

6. Who sets the price of an item?

Essentially, when you consign with us, we become business partners.  We appreciate your input but we set the final price.

7. Do I have to take my item home the moment I buy it?

No, we offer 5 days free storage. After 5 days, you will incur a $10 per day storage fee. 

9. When will I get paid for a consignment that sells?

Checks are prepared on the last day of each month.  They are mailed between the 15th and 30th of the following month.  If you live in our neighborhood, we prefer that you pick up your check.

10. Is there a fee if my item does not sell?

There is no fee if your item doesn't sell.

11. May I pick up my item prior to the consignment period ending?

We ask that you leave your items on consignment for the 120 day period.  If you want to pick up your items before the contract expires you will have to pay a storage fee for the days it was in our showroom.