Top 4 Second Hand Furniture Shopping Tips

Furnishing your first home can be exciting! You get the chance to create a space just for you. From the style, to colors, to the accent pieces, it will be you through and through. Here are some tips to guide you through making the right decisions.

Number 1: Measure out all your spaces!

You do not want to make the mistake of buying a piece of furniture that will not fit in your space. We always recommend measuring your hallways, door spaces, and any stairs that the furniture will go through. After you find the pieces of furniture you like, take additional measurements of the length and width of the items.

Number 2: Make a Room Mockup!

When you have all of your measurements, before you go home stop and buy yourself painters tape. We tell our customers all the time to use the painters tape to put on the floor to create an outline of all the items. You want to be able to see how much space you are using. You don't want to end up buying furniture that does not fit the space. You don't want anything too bulky. You want to feel comfortable in your own home.

Number 3: Investigate the quality of the Furniture!

  • ALWAY choose solid wood over veneer or partial board. The difference between solid wood and particle board is very easy to point out. On particle board you can see the tiny pieces of wood that is pressed together. Solid hardwood furniture are one usually one solid piece throughout. This will last longer and be more durable if you take care of your items.
  • You want to get a piece of furniture that has good bone structure! Check the drawers, make sure they open properly, no nails are sticking out, and that they close evenly.
  • Try to avoid glue and nails on items. Look for items that have dovetail drawers or tongue and groove. Dovetail drawers are built to joint the drawer side with the drawer front together. Tongue and groove is very similar except the cuts are on edge to edge.

Number 4: Consider your lifestyle!

If you are a person who owns a pet you would want to stick to darker colors and fabrics that are easy to clean. Linen and tweed fabrics are great options! Stick to neutral colors for your bigger main furnishings. Save bold colors for décor pieces. You never know when you might want to change up your color combinations.

There you have it! Our top 4 tips to give out to the world when you are buying second hand furniture! Think wisely and enjoy the experience! You never know what you might find!


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